The Program Framework

1. Study Program

2. Extra Credit Activities

3. Study Progression Scheme

1. Study Program [90 credits]

The Study Program will consist of four sequential phases as follows:

1. The Treasure Within [3 credits]—Overview of our physical and metaphysical capabilities within each one of us, and as they relate to the world around us. The limitations and potentials of our such capabilities will be recognized in order to be utilized.

2. The Purification of Body and Mind [4 credits]—In order to have a “clear mind”, so to speak, we must have a pure body and mind. We must live up to the sayings: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, “A healthy mind is a healthy body”, etc. Both inner and outer purification are necessary, in order to see things clearly.

3. Cosmic Correlations (As Above, So Below) [51 credits]—Beginning with understanding the principles of Egyptian cosmology, and its application in all aspects of our lives, such as social/political order, language, music and dance, health, science, astronomy, sacred geometry & Natural sciences, mathematics & Numerology.

4. Climbing the heavenly ladder [32 credits]—By progressive sowing and reaping, contemplation, putting the pieces of the universe puzzle together, interacting with universal realms, unification and deification.

The detailed program is shown below.

Phase I. The Treasure Within [3 credits]

The Image of God

The One Joined Together (The Divine Parts)

The Metaphysical/physical functions of (body) parts

Utilizing our Faculties

The Power of Love

Atem/Adam: The Alchemist Goal

The Thrice Tehuti

Questions to ensure comprehension

Phase II. The Purification of Body and Mind [4 credits]

The healthy body

Getting out of the box

Battling the enemies (impurities) within

The Battle of Kadesh (Victorious Divine Man)

The ego personal enemy #1

Go your own way (Maat)

The pauper is a prince

Pure gold (purifying the heart & tongue)

Questions to ensure comprehension

Phase III. Cosmic Correlations (As Above, So Below) [51 credits]

1. The Creation cycle [3 credits]

– The Sequence of the Creation Cycle

– The Big Crunch & The Big Bounce

– Neteru the divine energies

– Atem The Manifested Cosmic Energy

– Amen-Renef The Undefined

– Natural progression of creation

– Questions to ensure comprehension

2. The archetypal unity, duality and trinity [6 credits]

– Nun-Atem

– Atem-Isis

– Isis-Osiris

– Archetypal Trinity

– The Big Bang / The Word

– The Big Bang / Fire / Light / Firmament / Stars

– The Wisdom of Egyptian allegory

– Isis and Osiris allegory

– Questions to ensure comprehension

3. The social political order [4 credits]

– Matrilineal / matriarchal society

– The Virtues of Conservatism

– Matrilocal communities

– The grassroots republic system

– The dual overseeing / administration system

– Division of labor

– Inborn destiny (genetic history)

– The justice system

– Questions to ensure comprehension

4. The Divine Mother Language 101 [2 credits]

– The Divine Mother Language

– The Alphabetical form of writing

– The Imagery & Alphabetical writing modes

– The pictorial metaphysical symbols / script

– The Cultured language

– Questions to ensure comprehension

5. The Divine Mother Language 102 [3 credits]

– The Four Pillars of a language

– The Dynamic Egyptian Grammar Principles

– Egyptian: The Source of all Languages

– Sound shifts and linguistic studies

– Writing variations & Linguistic studies

– Questions to ensure comprehension

6. Fundamentals and Applications of Music/Sound 101 [5 credits]

– The Egyptian harmonic musical laws

– Orderly Sounds

– The Natural Musical Scale

– The Three Musical Tiers / Components / Consonants

– Evidence of the Egyptian Musical System

– The Musical Orchestras

– The vocal music (singing & poetry)

– Dancing and ballet

– Questions to ensure comprehension

7. Fundamentals and Applications of Music/Sound 102 [ 7 credits]

– Progression of the Musical Fifth

– The Egyptian Musical Measuring Unit

– The Twin-Octave System (Plagal & Authentic)

– The Comma and the Musical Instrument

– Western Musical Tampering

– The Overall Tone System

– The 17-Tone Framework

– The 22-Tone Framework

– Musical Structure and Forms (Moods & Modes)

– Design Characteristics of Modes

– Questions to ensure comprehension

8. Astronomy and Zodiac [4 credits]

– Astronomy and Zodiac

– The Zodiac Cycles & Egyptian Antiquities

– The Sothic Egyptian Calendar & Egyptian Antiquities

– Questions to ensure comprehension

9. Societal Cosmic Rhythm Correlations [2 credits]

– Cosmic Consciousness

– Energizing the diatonic week

– The cyclical renewal festivals

– In rhythm with the zodiac ages

– Questions to ensure comprehension

10. Sacred Geometry, Numerology & Natural Science 101 [3 credits]

– Sacred Geometry & Natural Sciences

– Mathematics and Numerology

– Squaring the Circle

– The sacred ratios (phi and pi)

– Questions to ensure comprehension

11. Sacred Geometry, Numerology, & Natural Sciences 102 [9 credits]

– Squaring the Circle

– The Two Primary Numbers

– The Summation Series and the Golden Proportion

– Progression of Growth and Proportion

– The Cosmic Proportion of the Human Figure

– The Generative Root Rectangles (so-called “Irrational Numbers”)

– The Root Rectangles, The Cosmic SOlids, The Root Five Rectangle and the Golden Proportion

– The Pentagon

– The (Whirling Squares ) Spirals

– Examples of Sacred Geometry in Artwork

– Questions to ensure comprehension

12. The Harmonic Design of the Temple [3 credits]

– Function / objective of temple

– The building code

– The Harmonic Design Elements

– General

1. The Active Axes

2. Significant Points

3. The Telescopic Triangles

4. The Rectangular Perimeters

5. The Vertical Plane

– Questions to ensure comprehension

Phase IV. Climbing the Heavenly Ladder [32 credits]

1. The Enumeration of the Creation Cycle [9 credits]

– The Three Tiers/Enneads

– One

– Dualistic Nature

– The Solar and Lunar Principles

– The Triangulation of Creation

– Stability of Four

– The Fifth Star

– The Cubical Six

– The Cyclical Seven

– The Octave

– Nine

– Ten

– Questions to ensure comprehension

2. Egyptian Divinities: the all who are the one [12 credits]

– Monotheism and Polytheism (Unity & Unification)

– Names/adjectives (secret names)

– The meaning(s) of about 80 divinities

– The relationships of each divinity to humans and surrounding nature

– Common misrepresentation of divinities in Egypt

– Picturing the divine powers

– The role of animals and their symbolisms

– Questions to ensure comprehension

3. Interacting with Energies [3 credits]

– The Animated Universal physical / metaphysical society

– The nine realms

– The (nine) metaphysical components of Man

– The intermediaries

– Pharaoh, the Cosmic Link

– The cosmic shrines (temples)

– Shrines of Wali-s (shepherds/saints)

– Visiting family’s ancestors

– The physical/metaphysical offerings

– Dwellings for the wandering spirits

– Questions to ensure comprehension

4. The Way to Revelations [3 credits]

– No chosen people

– Ra: the unity of multiplicity

– Dualism: the essence of creation

– Reconciliation of dualities into the one (tying/untying the knot)

– Knowledge by spiritual revelation (zikr)

– Unification and deification

– The Eternal Servants (Walis)

– Questions to ensure comprehension

5. Life After Earth [2 credits]

– Sound Reunification

– The soul transmigration

– Performance evaluation

– The two ways

– Transformational texts

– Admission to the new realm

– Questions to ensure comprehension

2. Extra Credit Activities

EMU acknowledges and recognizes the hectic/demanding lives of some, and that earning extra credit activities may be difficult for some, due to other commitments. Please ask for partial/total waiver if you need to. Some may have already earned such extra credit activities, through their normal existence.

Other than exceptional cases, extra credit activities may be earned by:

a. Providing Services to the Society

The Egyptian model of mysticism emphasizes that the adherents must be active participants in the society. Members must be involved in society by practicing what they learn. Serving others constitutes an integral aspect of self-development. The individual performance in the society is the true test of his/her success.

b. Researching Activities with TRF—Opportunities are available for multi-linguists, internet surfing, etc.

c. Other Activities—On a case-by-case basis.

3. Study Progression Scheme

Upon payment of dues, the Aspirant will be able to download first topic which will require reading the material and answering some questions in an online test to ensure the Aspirant’s grasp of certain facts. If not successful, the Aspirant will be asked to work on certain areas and resubmit the answered test again. When an Aspirant passes the test, the next topic will be ready for downloading, and on and on. All study materials were prepared by Moustafa Gadalla.


Tutorial Classes

Under consideration.
Interactive Study HallsThere will be four (4) Study Halls, each for one of the four phases of the program.

Periodical Newsletter

Under consideration.

Availability for non-Internet users

Study materials may be mailed to those with no internet access.

EMU registered Aspirants (students) are encouraged to help make non-internet users aware/participate in the EMU programs. Extra credit will be granted to such activity.


Availability for non-English-speaking

EMU registered Aspirants (students) who speak other than English, are encouraged to help non-English speaking people aware/participate in the EMU program, by acting as translators. They are also encouraged to help make EMU multi-lingual. Extra credit will be granted to such activity.


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